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Stand Up Paddling . . . in the D!

Fastest Growing Water Sport in the World

Urban Wave is here for our 3rd season in 2014 to bring Stand Up Paddling to you!

The increasing popularity of SUP is directly related to the ease of entering the sport. You just need water, board, paddle, leash, and life vest. Boards are stable and user-friendly and most people will learn 60% of their SUP skills in their first lesson.

You can SUP in all different kinds of water from flat water to rolling rivers, to lakes and oceans. Enjoy the recreation of the sport at a leisure pace or race to your heart's content with events all around us.

Favorite Michigan Water Facts:

   • Over 11,000 inland lakes
   • 36,000 miles of streams
   • 3,216 miles of Great Lakes shoreline
   • More fresh water coastline that any other state
   • You are always within 6 miles of a lake or stream

No Sharks!   No Stinging Jellyfish!   No Salt Water!
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